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Photographs – Location – West Texas

About a month ago I took a little trip to West Texas to visit a friend of mine, not just a friend, my best friend since the 5th grade.

Anyway, it was a long long trip… four and a half hours of what seemed like NOTHING.
So I decided to take those four and a half hours to make nothing into something…

If you’ve ever driven out west, this is deffinatly not new to you. When I was a kid I remember thinking that they looked like grass hoppers.
In some places there are so many of them it even smells like oil.

Here is another image that you’ll know if you’ve been to West Texas.
In this picture I love how you can see the heat on the ground. The windmills are fuzzy because of it and the gate next to the road is almost unrecognizable.

I felt like this picture depicted how I felt at a certain point of my trip. I know that it wasn’t really THAT long of a drive. But at one point I felt like it would never end.

There are some beautiful scenery in West Texas.

In these next few pictures I wanted to notice the little things:

Well I hope you enjoyed this photography, I had to put it on my blog twice because once my power went off while I was saving it.
So I hope you enjoyed it!