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Plans for the Kitchen and Livingroom

I’m getting restless over the holidays, so I’m starting to plan.

Were still planning on moving in February, im looking forward to it a LOT. But the house does need some work. I enjoy doing DIY things so this is totally my department.

I’ve only been in the house once to take a quick look around. I only know some basics, two rooms, two bathrooms (one doesn’t work), a laundry room/porch, an open kitchen/living/dining room area, and a cute screened in front porch.

The kitchen livingroom area looks the most dated it has wood paneling similar to this picture:

paneling example

(This picture was taken off the Google)

It also has old green shag carpet. I really want to take out the shag carpet… but I secretly hope there is wood floor hidden under it. teeheehee* If not I wouldn’t mind putting laminate down, ive done it before and it’s really not that hard. And looks similar to wood too.

For the walls I want to put putty or bondo in between the panels, that way it looks like sheet-rock. but only partially. Then I’ll prime and paint everything. (two separate colors) put up a little wooden border and it could look similar to the picture I found on pinterest below: livingroom (different wall colors and streight up and down panels, but similar)

I want to keep the bottom a white color to match the white ceiling. But the top part I was thinking a light beige color.

The livingroom/kitchen area is a very open concept. the only thing separating it is a small island/bar area by the kitchen. Everything is the same chestnut color. throughout the kitchen. After I paint the walls that will help lighten and open everything up.

As for the chestnut colored cabinets, I was planning on staining them a darker color. maybe a shade darker than the flooring. like the picture below:


(I also took this pic from pinterest)

It’ll depend too on what type of floor I use, right now the kitchen floor is vinyl. I need to take a look at the floor and see if i need to change it.

I also like this backsplash, I think it’ll look more luxurious:

DIY kitchen ideas DIY livingroom ideas wall paneling

Also found on pinterest

So, if you want to see how this DIY project goes then follow along, for the next few months ill post some info about how I do everything.


I’m doing it on a budget. So maybe you can get some ideas from me!
Also, comment if your blog has some diy stuff on it. I’ll check it out and we’ll swap ideas.


A New Home For The van Ruiten Family

Yes! We’re moving!

Our rental contract ends in February, then we’ve been in business for 3 years. Wow, has it been that long?

We found another dairy that we can move to.

If you have a dairy you know that it’s super important to live close by. The negative side to this is that there might not be much to choose from when it comes to housing. We live in a double wide now, it’s a nice place and has been good to us. But I was secretly hoping that we could move into a real house next.

The dairy does have several mobile homes on the property, and a double wide in decent shape.

HOWEVER… There is a house down the road.


About a half mile away we there is a cute little house. Now, take the word “NEW” with a grain of salt. It’s an old house, shag carpet and everything. But I’m going to have a wonderful time DIY’ing everything! After my miscarriage I had to take some time off and be on bed rest.

Let’s just say that Pinterest was my best friend.

I’m going to blow up my blog with ideas and show you how I fix up this house. I even have my husband’s ok to spend a lot of time, and a little cash to make it “ours” (even though it’s a rental)

Get ready Cottage… here I come

The only frustrating thing is that I have to wait until January to work on it.

I’ll update you later


Top 10 Reasons I LOVE My Husband

So, On my blog I wrote Top 5 Reasons My Husband Annoys Me,
And now I’m writing 10 reasons why I love him…
So here goes:

Top 10 Reasons I LOVE My Husband

1) He brings the best out in me.

2) He is Loving and really cares about me.

3) He is genuinely interested in my day, school, work, and overall whats going on with me.

4) He is a really good talker, but he’s an even better listener. 

5) He is one of the hardest working people I know.

Those were a few mushy gushy things, now for the little things…

6) He takes off his shoes before walking in the house.

7) He takes out the trash. 🙂

8) He sometimes helps with washing laundry.

9) He mows the lawn.

10) And most important! He LOVES Me Back!

It made me feel good, everyone should write this about their husbands…

Hope you liked it!




Top 5 Reasons My Husband Annoys Me

So I saw this idea on
And I decided to do it too! Except 10 things is a lot to write…

First of all I just want to say that I absolutely adore my husband. And after I post this I plan on writing things that I love about my husband. 🙂
So here it is!

Top 5 Reasons My Husband Annoys Me

1) I can CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN and CLEAN some more but I usually have to tell him before he notices, sometimes I just want to have some recognition for all I do.
(By the way sometimes he does notice by himself)

2) At night before he goes to bed he will kick his socks and underwear off and lay them at the side of the bed. I’ll say, if those are dirty why don’t  you just throw them in the hamper? His answer, they aren’t dirty I’ll wear them tomorrow.
(He doesn’t wear them tomorrow and I will end up putting them in the hamper)

3) The deep fryer… I hate the deep fryer, not only does its food go streight to my hips, it stinks up the whole house and leaves a greasy mess. My husband is the king of the deep fryer, it annoys me that he refuses to use it outside.

4) He says he cleaned up after himself in the kitchen but he doesn’t clean it up all the way, there is usually still a knife laying out, or lots of crumbs

5) He will get finished washing his hands and he will shake the water off of them… after that I can clean the mirror, counter top, sink, and floor all over again.

I know these are little petty things but I adore my husband even though there are a few things that annoy me about him…