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Trip Through Germany – Photography

My Trip Through Germany (with hubbie)

After staying in Holland and visiting family we took a road trip to Hungary,
during this road trip we took our time visiting castles and taking in the German and Austrian scenery.
Here is part one of the pictures of Germany.

Castles along the way

This is a castle along the way that we saw from a distance.

My favorite picture, I wish I could have seen it closer.
I feel like I should have found this picture on Google,
But I took it myself… *proud*

The castle above is Burg Lahneck.
It was built in 1226 to protect a silver mine.

Although we went up to several castles we weren’t able to actually go to every one of them.

Foggie road photograph


I was so excited to take pictures during the trip, my cameral battery full,
a completely empty memory card ready.
But the weather wasn’t coaperating.
It was so incredibly foggy during the trip that it was hard to take nice pictures.
I did do some editing on the pictures to get rid of the foggy color.

before and after of photoshop editing

The weather was so bad that I had to do some editing on some of the photos. Here is a before and after.

My husband was happy to take time from the trip to stop and tour castles,
he also had patience for slowing down or stopping for me to take pictures.
And I take a LOT of pictures.
But sometimes it wasn’t possible to just stop, or we were running low on time.
So my pictures had to be taken out of the car window as we drive.
The picture above shows the before and after editing with photoshop.

Castles in Germany

This castle was one we drove by.

Here is the actual pictue. A castle I would have loved to stop and tour.

German village

A little bit of scenery, the castles are not the only beautiful things.

The castles are not the only beautiful things in germany.
The little country houses and vinyards were also pretty.
The hilly landscape and tree-filled countryside… absolutely beautiful.

Castle in Germany

A castle on a hill with vines growing all down the side of the hill it was on.

Another castle I enjoyed looking at as we drove by.
You cant tell, but the hillside it was on was filled with vinyards.
I think this picture was actually taken inside the car, through the window.
We call this the Posthumus picture.
(Posthumus is my maiden name)
My brothers and dad are famous for taking bad pictures through their car windsheild.
Squashed bugs and all…

In Germany the castles are plentiful…
we drove along the Rhine and saw a lot of castles all along it.
We went inside a few too.
Its too much to put into one post, so I’m going to just post several with lots of pictures.
In one post i’ll show you the most beautiful castle I’ve ever seen!
No picture will EVER do it justice.
Maybe that’s some incentive to follow me…
im just getting the hang of this blogging and I have no idea how to gather followers…

Anyway… just let me know what you think!
Comments welcome

PS. If you ever go to Germany and want to know where these are located just let me know!


A charcoal drawing – Little Ballerina


The little Ballerina,

This picture is for my best friend, Sarah.
She enjoys dancing and is now in ballet class.

It’s drawn with charcoal.
I decided to add interest by making it more black and white.

When you’re dancing everything is black and white, problems go away, and you just feel the music.

Here it is:

artist, drawing, charcoal, pencil drawing

Local artist drawing a dancer in charcoal, texas artists

Plans for the Kitchen and Livingroom

I’m getting restless over the holidays, so I’m starting to plan.

Were still planning on moving in February, im looking forward to it a LOT. But the house does need some work. I enjoy doing DIY things so this is totally my department.

I’ve only been in the house once to take a quick look around. I only know some basics, two rooms, two bathrooms (one doesn’t work), a laundry room/porch, an open kitchen/living/dining room area, and a cute screened in front porch.

The kitchen livingroom area looks the most dated it has wood paneling similar to this picture:

paneling example

(This picture was taken off the Google)

It also has old green shag carpet. I really want to take out the shag carpet… but I secretly hope there is wood floor hidden under it. teeheehee* If not I wouldn’t mind putting laminate down, ive done it before and it’s really not that hard. And looks similar to wood too.

For the walls I want to put putty or bondo in between the panels, that way it looks like sheet-rock. but only partially. Then I’ll prime and paint everything. (two separate colors) put up a little wooden border and it could look similar to the picture I found on pinterest below: livingroom (different wall colors and streight up and down panels, but similar)

I want to keep the bottom a white color to match the white ceiling. But the top part I was thinking a light beige color.

The livingroom/kitchen area is a very open concept. the only thing separating it is a small island/bar area by the kitchen. Everything is the same chestnut color. throughout the kitchen. After I paint the walls that will help lighten and open everything up.

As for the chestnut colored cabinets, I was planning on staining them a darker color. maybe a shade darker than the flooring. like the picture below:


(I also took this pic from pinterest)

It’ll depend too on what type of floor I use, right now the kitchen floor is vinyl. I need to take a look at the floor and see if i need to change it.

I also like this backsplash, I think it’ll look more luxurious:

DIY kitchen ideas DIY livingroom ideas wall paneling

Also found on pinterest

So, if you want to see how this DIY project goes then follow along, for the next few months ill post some info about how I do everything.


I’m doing it on a budget. So maybe you can get some ideas from me!
Also, comment if your blog has some diy stuff on it. I’ll check it out and we’ll swap ideas.


This week’s Inspiration and Art

This week I have decided to showcase a little bit of my web design skills.
I need to make a web design example to show people what I can do.
A friend of mine had just knitted me a hat and necklace. She doesn’t have a knitting business but I thought it would be fun to make her a fake website.
My inspiration was the things she knitted for me. I wanted the website to be warm and welcoming with a cute playful side to it too.


here are some pictures of it 😉

If you want to see the real thing here is the link :