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Heejun, American Idol

Oh yes. I am one of those people.

One of the American Idol fans. There are millions of us out there. And were cool 😉
I enjoy all of the episodes from the cities to hollywood week to the final winner. My husband, Bart, on the other hand mainly likes the first few episodes. He likes to laugh at the bad singers and the crazy ones. I have to agree, that’s amusing too.

ANYWAY!… I’m getting off topic…

What I really wanted to talk about was…


If you have watched much of American Idol lately there is no way you could miss Heejun.

 Heejun is 22 years old and is from Flushing, NY he first auditioned in Pittsburg. When I saw him joke with Ryan I was thinking “Get ready Bart, this is gonna be BAD!” He was funny and shaky and nervous. And then he sang. I was shocked! The voice was beautiful. sultry and a little rough around the edges.

AND He has this dry humor that is hilarious. I literally Laughed Out Loud!
I think the funniest part of American Idol was when he was teamed up with “The Cowboy” I think the cowboy, Richie Law, was my least favorite contestant. (I’m not sad to see him go.) Richie is a guy who wants to dictate the whole group. They were at each others thoughts the whole time.

This brings me to some of my favorite Heejun quotes:

“I don’t know how they do it in cowboy town but this is not how we break it down man”

“The war is on…with cowboy”

“We started off really rough. Phillip had a kidney stone and Cowboy had a…brain stone I don’t know what’s going on with him.”

“Now I have a very very bad perspective towards cowboys. Even Dallas Cowboys. Freaking cowboys.”


Idol Banter: ‘American Idol’ contestant Heejun Han keeps us from changing the channel

A few of my other Idol favorites:

Well. I hope to add to this later.
I just had some bad news and it put me in a bad mood. I think I’m gonna eat some ice cream and watch some How I Met Your Mother…