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Just a hobby I like to do

A charcoal drawing – Little Ballerina


The little Ballerina,

This picture is for my best friend, Sarah.
She enjoys dancing and is now in ballet class.

It’s drawn with charcoal.
I decided to add interest by making it more black and white.

When you’re dancing everything is black and white, problems go away, and you just feel the music.

Here it is:

artist, drawing, charcoal, pencil drawing

Local artist drawing a dancer in charcoal, texas artists

An idea

I have an idea. I thought maybe after school ends I’ll do an art project. You all have seen my drawing of the old man laughing. I would like to make more drawing like that of elderly people. I love the imperfection, the wrinkles and blemishes. And I like the challenge. I have included a picture of some of Kathe kollwitz her art she also does a lot of similar interesting work.


An artist I like

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So I was looking around for digital media artists that I like and I came across this one.

It is a digital photography and I got it from this website.

I wish I knew more abut the artist but the website is hard to manuver.

hope you like it!



Art Project


So this is a typography project that we did for my art class.
If you’ve ever seen Chris Farley in Tommy Boy you’ll like it.


– L


My Video!

My husband, Bart and I were chopping silage at the farm (he is on the red tractor packing it into the pile)
It’s a really exciting time so we decided to document it with this film.
We set up an iphone on the top of the commodity barn and added an app that takes pictures every twenty seconds.
Afterward I made it into this movie and added music.




So we are learning about kinetic typography. I looked at some videos and I think this was my fav

Very Interesting Photography

Today I was on pinterest…. of course ūüėČ

And I saw some very interesting photography: check it out!

I really like the first one especially. Its almost as if shes about to drift off into the air and shes just fine with it.

And the second one looks like¬†a guy who is falling… very interesting picture.¬†The first one has more to look at, you can look longer at it and¬†try to figure it out… at least I can

Anyway… heres the link

hope you like it!


Here is the finished product!


Photographs – Location – West Texas

About a month ago I took a little trip to West Texas to visit a friend of mine, not just a friend, my best friend since the 5th grade.

Anyway, it was a long long trip… four and a half hours of what seemed like NOTHING.
So I decided to take those four and a half hours to make nothing into something…

If you’ve ever driven out west, this is deffinatly not new to you. When I was a kid I remember thinking that they looked like grass hoppers.
In some places there are so many of them it even smells like oil.

Here is another image that you’ll know if you’ve been to West Texas.
In this picture I love how you can see the heat on the ground. The windmills are fuzzy because of it and the gate next to the road is almost unrecognizable.

I felt like this picture depicted how I felt at a certain point of my trip. I know that it wasn’t really THAT long of a drive. But at one point I felt like it would never end.

There are some beautiful scenery in West Texas.

In these next few pictures I wanted to notice the little things:

Well I hope you enjoyed this photography, I had to put it on my blog twice because once my power went off while I was saving it.
So I hope you enjoyed it!


Inspriration and Art

This is a picture from YEARS ago of me and my two little brothers. My little brother is all grown up now. He is 18 years old and about to graduate high school. I cant believe it!
So a while back I took this picture. I was playing around on a cheap photo editing software and made the shadows more prominent. I looked everywhere for that picture but I can’t find it.
Anyway, after I saw how the picture looked, all shadowed and what-not. I was reminded of a medium we learned about in an art class a long time ago.
I don’t remember the name exactly but it was something like Scratch Paper.
Its a paper that is Black and you scratch bits of it off until it turns white. Its actually kind of hard to do. Because you have to use a different train of thought. I’m used to working with a white paper and drawing the shadows with a darker medium like pencil or charcoal. Instead, this time I’m starting out with a dark paper and making the light part white and leaving the shadows. It was a cool experiment and I liked the way it turned out.

What do you think?