About Me

Linda van Ruiten
I am a graduate of Tarleton State University. I started this blog through my art class at TSU. Besides using this blog as a way to show people my art hobby and as a class participation grade I also want to use this blog to premote my website design business.


I started Branch Out Advertising in 2011. It started out as an advertising business mainly working with business card printing and a little bit of website design. However after the first year of business it has evolved into a more web based business. I am now mainly designing and editing websites. I am also going into the search engine optimization relm of things.


I decided to name this blog vanRUITEN because obviously it’s my last name. AND it is my married name. I love being married to my husband, Bart. I have now entered my married life and am fully embrasing my new name. The name “Van Ruiten” translated from dutch to english means “From Windows”. In that case, this blog is the window into my art, hobby and business.

by Donovan Holtz

Across the headlands
The forest masses
Under gray skies
And mist
Into a solid wall Of muted gray
Through which cars
Glide skirting noiselessly
The rocky edge
Through a window
I watch, windows are
For watching –
Square pieces of life
Ever changing.


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