Stolzenfels Castle – Tour-de-Germanay

Our Trip To Germany

Here is another part to the trip we took to Germany.

Photographer in texas

Click and enlarge this picture to really see why I like it.

I love to mess with the sunlight in my pictures.
I like this picture because it has a bit of mistery to it.
The bigger the picture is the more you really SEE it. – at least I do.
I LOVE the was the light is infront of the castle,
while it usually should be behind it.
The castle almost looks like a figment of my imagination,
like I saw it in a dream, and for a moment I saw it in the forest.

This was a castle right next to the Stolzenfels Castle, hidden away a bit, in the trees.

” Please don’t give me too much critisizm, unless it’s constructive.
I enjoy this little hobby of mine.
But I never took any lessons-nor am I a “Photographer”
I just enjoy it. So i’ll share it with you. “

Haunting photo of cross on bridge

A hauntingly beautiful picture of the bridge near a castle.

There was a bridge nearby too, we walked over it on our way to the castle.
I love the eary look of it. You can really tell how foggy it is.
Like the fog is traveling through te trees, pulling at you.
But the sunlight behind the cross is a sign of hope, lighting the darkness beneath.

Stolzenfels Castle

Me in front of stolzenfels castle in Germany.

After traveling up several flights of stairs,
and by several I MEAN    S.E.V.E.R.A.L   we finally got to the castle.
Stolzenfels castle is a cute yellow and brick castle overlooking the Rhine River.
It’s located near Koblenz, Germany and was built in 1259.
It was used to protect the toll station at the Rhine, where ships had to stop and pay toll.
It was destryed in 1689 by the French,
and stayed in ruins until 1815 when it was given as a gift to Fredrick William IV of Prussia.
He rebuilt it completely, And this is how it looks now…

*Don’t mind me in this picture.
I tried not to put too many posed pictures of me and Bart with the castles.

Texas artist

Details of the castle.

Stolzenfels Castle

The side of Stolzenfels Castle near the rhine

castle tower

The stolzenfels castle tower overlooking the rhine.

We got to walk around on the castle grounds.
Our favorite part was standing on the balcony overlooking the Rhine.
Shown above.

Rhine River

The view from the castle over the Rhine.

This is the foggy Rhine.
Busy with boats and cars; and modern scenery and building.
There it was, Stolzenfels Castle!

The Most BEAUTIFUL Castle I Have EVER Seen Is Still Coming!!
Keep a lookout for it!

What do you think!


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