Inspriration and Art

This is a picture from YEARS ago of me and my two little brothers. My little brother is all grown up now. He is 18 years old and about to graduate high school. I cant believe it!
So a while back I took this picture. I was playing around on a cheap photo editing software and made the shadows more prominent. I looked everywhere for that picture but I can’t find it.
Anyway, after I saw how the picture looked, all shadowed and what-not. I was reminded of a medium we learned about in an art class a long time ago.
I don’t remember the name exactly but it was something like Scratch Paper.
Its a paper that is Black and you scratch bits of it off until it turns white. Its actually kind of hard to do. Because you have to use a different train of thought. I’m used to working with a white paper and drawing the shadows with a darker medium like pencil or charcoal. Instead, this time I’m starting out with a dark paper and making the light part white and leaving the shadows. It was a cool experiment and I liked the way it turned out.

What do you think?


About lindavanruiten

I'm a 20-something graduate, with a degree in computer information systems. My lovely husband and I own a dairy farm here in Texas. Like everyone, I've had my struggles and acomplishments. This blog displays my hobbies, like DIY crafts, home remodeling, and renovations; it also displays my art, including oil painting, charcoal, pencil drawings, photography, and other mediums. I also have a category called My Thoughts, which is filled with trials and tribulations, funny stories, and of course - thoughts. Anyway, hope you like it... and FOLLOW ME!

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