This weeks inspiration

This weeks inspiration had me thinking of photography. I am hopefully taking another small tour to Europe spring break. Holland, Germany, Austria, hungary, maybe even Romania if I have time. I hope to take some beautiful pictures of the scenery.



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I'm a 20-something graduate, with a degree in computer information systems. My lovely husband and I own a dairy farm here in Texas. Like everyone, I've had my struggles and acomplishments. This blog displays my hobbies, like DIY crafts, home remodeling, and renovations; it also displays my art, including oil painting, charcoal, pencil drawings, photography, and other mediums. I also have a category called My Thoughts, which is filled with trials and tribulations, funny stories, and of course - thoughts. Anyway, hope you like it... and FOLLOW ME!

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  1. I have been to half of the places you mentioned and i want to go to the other half….it is easy to get good pictures there, and I have a bunch of stonehenge, although those are not my favorite pictures, becuase they look like everyone else’s

    • I think everyone should have the chance to travel. Luckily I have had that chance. I would love to see stoneheadge it’s just one of those gorgeous wonders of the world. I think my only challenge during my vacation in spring break will be getting my husband to pull over or take some time to give me the chance to take pictures. I took the same road trip from holland to Hungary 3 years ago. We took a wrong road on the way home and got to see the Appellation (spell) mountains. I was glad we took the wrong road 🙂 I think the most awesome thing I saw was in the poorer part of Hungary. The way they live there is just so different. It was interesting to see. This year My sister in law’s boyfriend is going to give us a tour. Can’t wait!

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