Project 1 for Art class

This is Project 1 for my art class this semester.
We had to take an old picture from our childhood and take a similar picture of us no.
I didn’t have any overalls and my cat was a little less than helpful this time but it worked out fine.


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I'm a 20-something graduate, with a degree in computer information systems. My lovely husband and I own a dairy farm here in Texas. Like everyone, I've had my struggles and acomplishments. This blog displays my hobbies, like DIY crafts, home remodeling, and renovations; it also displays my art, including oil painting, charcoal, pencil drawings, photography, and other mediums. I also have a category called My Thoughts, which is filled with trials and tribulations, funny stories, and of course - thoughts. Anyway, hope you like it... and FOLLOW ME!

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  1. When Linda was a little girl, she loved animals. She had many of them at her house and loved to play with them, especially her favorite cat named Franky. Linda also liked to play outside with the girl down the street and in her sandbox in her back yard. She liked to ride her bike down the street with her dad and had a great time walking her dogs and trying to dress them up in her doll clothes. Linda wasn’t too particular about things and it didn’t take much for her to be happy as long as she was with her animals.
    Linda grew up on the lower side of the middle class in a mobile home park, but her family was content and happy. Things were much simpler when Linda was little, and as long as she had her family and her pets, life was great. She loved to eat mac and cheese and usually ate her vegetables. She liked good foods, and got treated to ice cream in the summer or just on occasion. Her dad worked nights and her mom worked days, so Linda always looked forward to the weekends when both her parents were home. On the occasion that they both had to work, she enjoyed spending time with her baby sitter, Ms. Debbie, from down the street. Ms. Debbie was creative and loved to do arts and crafts with Linda. She loved painting and coloring and liked to get messy with the art supplies.
    As Linda grew up, she continued to enjoy the presence of her animals and as she and her favorite cat Franky got older, he passed away. Linda was devastated and tried to give up on her animals. Her mom got her a new replacement cat, which she named Brownie. Linda was happy again and was the same playful person she had always been. She loved to go walk her dogs and play outside again, and had more friends that lived down the street from her in her new house in a neighborhood by the park.
    When Linda was about ten, her parents were going through a hard time and decided to get a divorce. She was shocked by the break up of her family and moved in a house with her dad. She kept her cat and her two dogs, and didn’t like to be around many other people anymore. Linda kept to herself with her cats until she moved in with her mom and started middle school. In middle school she found that old interest in her arts and crafts like Ms. Debbie had taught her. She became happy again and liked making pictures of her cats Brownie (at her mom’s house) and new cat Ginger at her dad’s.
    Linda kept her artistic interest all though high school and into college. She still loves her cats and loves to go visit them at her mom’s house on the weekend. She switches back and forth between her mom’s house and dad’s house when she goes back home for weekends.

  2. LOL!
    I love it! haha you were close on somethings. Yes I grew up around all kinds of animals. whether it was dogs, cats, bunnies, or even pigs and cows. haha I also grew up around crafts and artistic things. My mom was a stay at home mom because she didnt know english very well during those first several years. so no nanny. I grew up in the lower middle class (mobile homes and stuff) but now my parents live on about 120 acres with a HUGE house. They are not divorced 🙂 I grew up here in stephenville and decided to stay and go to collage here as well. haha i grew up around so many different animals that i cant even remember what that cat’s name was. (i dont think its frankie though haha) im sure at one point “frankie” passed away but i never really gave up on my animals. lol I now have two cats, two dogs, three horses, and lots of cows. that is Logan my cat in the picture. 🙂 but the name brownie is close lol. I did have a sandbox in my backyard 🙂 and had some friends down the street at one point.
    Loved the story.

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